“Tom Newton's novella, Warfilm, is diverting and disorienting. Ostensibly set in WW2, it moves, bizarrely but entertainingly, between Germany, France and Crete. There is something both authentic in tone and wonderfully original and subversive in style. A strange, disturbing but highly readable and often witty debut.” –  Salley Vickers, Author of 'Miss Garnet's Angel', 'Where Three Roads Meet' and 'The Boy Who Could See Death'. 

Summer 1940. The Germans have successfully invaded France, and the rest of Europe lies under the Nazi jackboot. Franz Leis, a film technician, sets out from Berlin for Paris to work on an epic film commissioned by Adolph Hitler himself. Leis’s chaotic war-time journey is inexplicably derailed, and he finds himself in Crete in 1945, trying to reconstruct how he has arrived there. A haunting, vividly imagined story of an epic conflict -- highly recommended. 

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